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Andrew White
"Wild Eagle"

Doro Pesch

Tatjana Ryzhkova
J.K. Mertz "Romanze"



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Music is a very important part of my life.

I play classical guitar, acoustic guitar with or without vocal, finger picking, piano and occasionally even a little flute and alto flute. Musik ist ein sehr wichtiger Teil meines Lebens.

Ich spiele Klassikgitarre, Akustikgitarre mit/ohne Gesang, Fingerpicking, Klavier und ab und zu auch noch ein bißchen Flöte und Altflöte.

I like listening to music, apart from the (pop) music that you can hear in the radio, I especially love guitar music (acoustic, with or without vocals, classical), piano music, blues, gospel and classical music.

I would like to present you here my instruments, CD's that I like to hear, interesting links, point to concerts in the area of Nuremberg, etc.