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Everything concerning manual works that is interesting for me.





In October 2007 I discovered sewing for me. I was fascinated what came out, when I had my first sewing workshop Here you can see what I produced untill now.

I as well like very much to knit, especially socks, because they are quickly done. There are a few knitting pattern for socks that I love most. Here are the pictures of the different socks with instructions.
But I as well discovered again knitting pullovers - and have done a few nice ones. See a few pictures.
In the 80th I kitted a few nats. One I could photograph later. Here the picture.

In the 80th I as well liked filet crochet. A few nats, narrow carpets and even a wall picture. I could photograph a few of these things. Here the pictures.

In the 90th I began to produce perl ornaments, e.g. christmas stars and animals. I forgot about this nice hobby for a few years and I discovered it now again. Here you can see a few christmas stars and perl animals.